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for the past 8 months. Throughout this time we have continued to provide a service of activities and support to families across Christchurch where we can. The biggest problem for us has been funding and in order to keep the programme running we do need to make changes from time to time which has involved changing activity programmes and adapting CAYP to what benefits the community and to what exactly the community want from us. Currently as with everything else at the moment we are governed by what people can and what people can't afford. For us funding is a major issue and we rely on the support from funding providers in order to run programmes which are affordable by all. CAYP is very much alive and kicking at present and a lot of work is going on behind the scenes in order to get means and resources in place for the 2012 programme of events. So please don't forget about us and join our Facebook page. Finally a big thank you goes to Julie, Tracey, Lynne, Mandy and Tina, the CAYP team of parent volunteers for their continued support over the last 12 months. Thank you for your support. Jae Harris Co-ordinator


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