Projects 2017 PDF

Drama Club

Where: Somerford Youth and Community Centre

When: 10am – 12pm.

Age: 8 - 16

Cost: Free


We run a drama club every Saturday morning. Young people attend weekly fun and inspiring workshops, working with staff to create and participate in positive theatrical experiences. Through games and play the participants will unlock their imaginations and creativity in a fun and supportive environment. Led by a dedicated team of skilled volunteers, members will be introduced to drama techniques and skills which will aid with their cognitive and physical development; enabling them to learn new skills and develop their sense of play through activities that explore imagination, and creation.

Autumn term 2017 leading up to Christmas will be focussed on putting on a community pantomime which will be performed at the centre the week before Christmas.


Drop-in Café

Where: Somerford Youth and Community Centre

When: 3.15pm – 5pm Monday’s and Thursday’s

Age: 11 – 16

Cost: Entry is free.

Our Drop-In Cafe sessions are a great place to hang out and catch up with mates after school.  It’s a friendly and comfortable venue where you can grab a drink or a snack from the coffee bar and even get the chance to improve your cookery skills in one of our workshops.  You can catch up on some homework or just check your Facebook as there are plenty of computers available to use free. We can also help with printing CV’s or homework.

The Drop-In Cafe is a chilled out supportive environment for young people where they can come after school. The Café is run by a team of trained volunteers who can help and advice on a variety of issues which affect young people. We aim to be accessible to all young people and be a positive distraction from anti-social behaviour and the boredom that life can sometimes bring. It’s also a really cool place to hang out and don’t forget it’s FREE!!!


Young People’s Sexual Health - Your C - Card Scheme

The Your C-Card Scheme gives FREE condoms and lube to young people aged 13-24. You can access the service whether you're male or female, no matter what your sexual orientation is. It doesn't matter whether you're having sex, thinking about having sex, or if you're just curious.

How do I get C-Card condoms?

  • Sign up at any C-Card Registration Point at the Somerford Youth and Community Centre.

  • You will discuss some sexual health topics with a C-Card worker in private

  • You give your date of birth and part of your postcode, (We will never contact you using this information.)

  • We give you a C-Card and selection pack of condoms.

  • Whenever you want condoms, visit any C-Card Issue Point or Registration Point

  • Show your C-Card and indicate which types of condoms and lube you want, by name, colour or number. You can choose a mixture of 12 items.

  • If you are 13, 14 or 15 your C-Card is marked every time you use it. You can use it three times. After this, return to any C-Card Registration Point for a chat and you can get your C-Card renewed

  • If you are 16 or over you can keep showing the same C-Card until you turn 25.

  • When you visit the C-Card Point - be sure to check out if they offer any other sexual health services.


12 condoms / lube of your choice are given out each time you show your C-Card.


Ask for the condoms you want by the size or colour, as in the table below.


Packet Colour                         Make                                              Description

Purple                                    Passante                                       Trim – Tight Fit

Blue                                        Passante                                                Lube

Gold                                        Passante                                    King Size – Large Fit

Yellow                                    Passante                              Flavours – variety. Regular fit

Pink                                        Passante                                           Regular Fit

Should you need dams or female condoms please ask for them at your C-Card Point as they may have them available.


Under 13 or over 24?


If you're under 13 or over 24 you can't register with the C-Card scheme. But If you need help and advice around sexual health you can still visit your local GP surgery.


We are also able to undertake Chlamydia testing for males and females.


Youth Mental Health First Aid


Over 5,600 people die by suicide in the UK every year, with the South West having the highest rate of suicide of any UK region. Around 75% of those will be men, with suicide being the leading cause of death in men under the age of 45!

On average people wait over a year before they first tell someone - anyone - that they are struggling with their mental health, often because they fear the reaction of others - fear of being laughed at, not taken seriously, being rejected, but also a fear that they are somehow weak, flawed, unable to cope, a lesser person for having a mental illness!

Why do these attitudes still exist in our society? Why do we still perceive mental illness to be a sign of weakness, rather than simply an illness like any other? We wouldn't blame or judge someone for having cancer, or asthma, or heart disease or a physical disability; so why, just because we can't see it, do people have such different attitudes towards mental illness?

It is these attitudes that make it hard for people to speak out, to get help ... and it's these attitudes that lead to far too many people tragically taking their own lives every year.

Negative mental health in young people can have massive life changing effects and can be long term. We aim to support young people through one to one mentoring in order to help them manage the complexities and challenges they face which can lead to prolonged mental health. Our staff has also undertaken Youth Mental Health First Aid training which can be used at any time with young people who are experiencing a drop in mood. We also have a qualified Youth Mental Health First Aid instructor who can deliver training to other adults. For more information please contact us.

Youth volunteering


Currently 4 in 10 young people aged between 10 and 20 get involved in volunteering on activities that make a positive difference. This is described as ‘social action’.


Social action develops 21st century employability skills, boosts access to further and higher education and supports enhanced well-being among young people. It creates a double benefit – to young people AND communities.


We have created our own social action scheme where we encourage local young people to come along and volunteer on our projects. This could involve helping on an activity, being a young leader during a youth club session, helping with fundraising or helping and advising on the planning and development of a new project.


Through training and mentoring we provide to the young volunteers we aim to equip them with key life skills such as communication, teamwork and problem solving through providing a strong service to others. In addition to this young people develop a great sense of being part of a community and contributing to improving other people’s lives. They also improve their own confidence and self-esteem.


In return for their help we monitor our young volunteers progress and track their developments and achievements. We encourage young people to use their time and experience with us to work towards and obtain external awards and attainments such as the Youth Achievement Award and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. We are also able to provide references for young people based on their work with us which they can add to further education or employment applications or just to simply put on their CV.